The BID has now been established as a limited company – ‘Clevedon BID Ltd’ and election of directors and co-chairs has been completed:

Triangle Area

  • John Fox – Souk (Co-chair of the BID and Chair of Street Enhancement and Connectivity Sub-Group)
  • Paul Anslow – Triangle Communications
  • Bryan Dickinson – Better Mobility
  • Susannah Shaw – Curzon
  • Julie Bisacre – Present Company


  • Victoria Saunders – Nineteen (Co-chair of the BID and Chair of the Marketing, Arts and Culture Sub-Group
  • Sue Cooper – Barista 67
  • Tom Vaughan – Clevedon Pier
  • James Worgan – Kustom
  • Peter Mcarthy – Clevedon Hall
  • Seamus Green – Midgley Green
  • David Francis – Spinning Weel

Other Directors

  • Councillor Chris Blades – NSC
  • Councillor Jane Geldart – Clevedon Town Council

It will be noted the BID board is very much business led however seeks to work with other key local groups such as the Coastal Community Team and the two councils. We still have a number of vacancies for further directors and so if you are interested in coming along to a BID meeting to initially observe what we are doing with a view to perhaps becoming a director then please do get in touch.



Exploring and evaluating the best ideas and making decisions in terms of spend for an organisation representing the interests of 250 businesses in Clevedon and at the same time working with other stakeholders can be quite challenging. 

Clearly there are two core geographic areas – Triangle/Town Centre and ‘HASIT’ (Hill, Alexandra, Seafront) that must be properly represented. There are also now two core working groups, namely Marketing/Promotion and Street Enhancement/Connectivity (please see the original business plan framing these broad themes). In addition the existing Chamber has increasingly been evolving along a group largely representing office based businesses and their interests.

These groups will meet separately to work up ideas into clear, concise and costed projects that may be presented to the BID Board where all financial decisions will be made. BID finances are managed by local accountancy services company Mendip who kindly cover all the BID financial management needs (banking, accounts etc) free of charge – the BID is most grateful to Mendip for this generous gesture.

Finally with regard to organisation the BID has in the short term retained the services of George Grace of TownCentred, a town centre and high street regeneration specialist to serve the needs of the board, sub-groups and project management. This will be reviewed on a periodic basis as the BID becomes more established.   



Numerous projects are underway, some of these are summarised below in the table below.

Marketing and Promotion

  • Brand, website, social media, PR etc – the early stages of this project are now under way – please see additional notes below
  • M5 Brown sign feasibility study – the first step to securing a brown sign on the motorway encouraging people to visit the seafront and town is a feasibility study and the BID will subsidise this cost
  • Town meeting and engagement – the BID aims to work with as many local community groups to refocus the town centre and Hill Road areas as the true hearts of the community and are setting up an open meeting (probably at the Curzon) in the near future. More details to follow.
  • Champagne Festival – as you may be aware Clevedon is already twinned with Epernay which seems like a very good excuse for a champagne festival
  • Pier 150th Anniversary Next Year – is coming up next year and is something the BID expects to support to encourage more visitors
  • Information points/kiosks – we are investigating the best options around several information points around the town
  • Clevedon Map Brochure – to help visitors navigate the whole town
  • Farmers Market – helping grow the farmers market
  • Queens Square – could this be reinvented as an event space?
  • Sunday market – supporting this fast growing monthly event on Hill and Alexandra
  • Notice boards – in Alexandra Park to help people know what’s going on

Street Enhancement and Connectivity

  • Queens Square – working with the landlords to develop designs for the long term improvement of Queens Square
  • Flower baskets – an early completed project of the BID is working with Clevedon Pride to substantially increase the flower baskets in the Triangle area
  •  ‘Gateway’ projects – ie the arrival points into Triangle, ideas sucha s banners on Great Western Road, pergolas (flowers and creepers) on the red canopy on Kenn Road and greening of buildings on the Coop building
  • Empty shop windows (Pullins)
  • Alexandra Gardens – working on improvements with the Civic Society
  • Place making consultancy services are being explored to help us understand the best way to improve the connectivity between the key retail areas
  • Bus ‘hop on hop off’ and/or a community bus connecting with underserved Clevedon suburbs (see grants below)
  • Parking review of pay and display and double yellows lines 


The BID has completed a competitive procurement process interviewing four companies to find the best partner to work with us to create a core ‘brand’ for Clevedon and how to apply it creatively. We will be working with Pencil Studio who bring excellent experience of similar projects in Frome and Bath. Their proposal is as follows:

STAGE 1 – CORE BRAND LOGO/IDENTITY Before starting the project we would like to engage with a number of those that the project really effects; the business owners, the drivers behind the project and behind the need to increase the awareness of Clevedon. Working with these individuals and businesses we can get under the skin of how the brand needs to work. This stage is where we explore creative options, dig a little deeper into the project, working with the core brand values and personalities we explore the creative opportunities. The brand can really drive the whole essence of the business to connect with the consumer on an aesthetical/emotional level. These crafted routes are then presented to you as Stage 1. There are usually 2-3 strong routes developed in this stage. The core objective here is to ensure that from a style aspect the designs reflect the core values/tone of voice that underpin the brand values.

STAGE 2 – CREATIVE DEVELOPMENT After the presentation of stage 1 we will work on developing the visual of a preferred option further. Taking any feedback from Stage 1 and applying to the creative. Further developing the design, understanding further it’s environment and how best to apply the creative.

STAGE 3 – BRAND ASSETS/GUIDELINES We will then generate a set of brand guidelines that define the core elements of the brand and how they are to be used. These guidelines ensure that all applications of the brand adhere to a set of rules that ensure continuity and synergy of the core brand elements across all platforms. They will outline elements such as colours, fonts, placement of the core identity, exclusion zones to protect the core identity etc.


We have several grant applications pending, worth up to £180,000 to help fund a strategic review of connectivity (ie access and movement around the town) and an entirely new community bus service.


A  form has been produced by the BID to enable local groups seeking funding for projects to understand the BID’s aims and develop ideas that are mutually beneficial and thus have a greater chance of attracting BID support. Clearly projects that take place inside the BID area, support any of these core aims and bring some of their own match funding or other resource will have a greater chance of success attracting BID support. For more details please see the BID Proposal and Business Plan (www.clevedonbid.com).

The form may be found on the website at clevedonbid.com/news but in summary asks applicants to set out iwhat they intend to do; how it fits in with the BID (businesses) ambitions; where (ie a focus on the retail streets) and the costs involved. We are hopeful this approach will help start a steady flow of ideas between Clevedon’s businesses and community groups for the benefit of everyone. 


If you have received this digital newsletter you are already on our mailing database. We expect to circulate a newsletter approximately every 2-3 months or as the needs arise if there are particular events that we wish to highlight. Please encourage business neighbours to sign up (this may be done via the website at clevedonbid.com/news).

We also aim to host the ‘town meeting’ mentioned above for all Clevedon businesses and community groups and businesses may attend board meetings or sub group meetings as observers initially (though please contact us in advance). However if in the meantime you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us for a chat or to come along to a board meeting or sub group.




The BID is grateful to local accountants Mendip Accounting Solutions who provide accounting and banking services to the BID free of charge.