Welcome to our November newsletter.

IMPORTANT BID EVENT NEXT WEEK – Collaboration and Community in Clevedon – An Event for Local Businesses and Community Groups, Tuesday 27th November at 6pm, at Clevedon Hall

As mentioned in October, the BID is hosting an important event this month. As you know the Clevedon BID has been set up to help businesses work together to improve the town through marketing, enhancement and connectivity. There are many ways we can seek to achieve these aims and one is to work closely with local community groups to share our hopes and aspirations and jointly pursue mutually beneficial plans and objectives.

Therefore the BID’s first major event is to host an interactive evening of discussion and ideas between Clevedon’s community and business groups. We are contacting over one hundred local groups who we know share our own interests in Clevedon and all that it is and could become. If you are free we would be delighted if you could join us on 27th November at 6pm to meet the Clevedon BID team and find out more. No need to book – please just turn up (although please note this is for business owners and/or managers only).


Very current indeed will be this Saturday on Queens Square you will find an artist working on behalf of the BID introducing a new piece of art drawing (pun intended) on the railway heritage of the immediate area. In ongoing news:

Marketing and Promotion

  • Clevedon ‘brand’ – the BID continues to work closely with a branding specialist to help us create a clear and concise brand and related communications tools and techniques to support all our initiatives going forward
  • Website, social media, PR etc – the BID is delighted to report it has recruited a part-time social media specialist to help us build our own platform of communications with the wider world. Sarah Ball is just starting with us and brings a wealth of experience and will run our website, twitter, facebook, instagram and other pr initiatives.
  • Champagne Festival – Clevedon is twinned with Epernay which seems like a very good excuse for a champagne festival with exploratory work ongoing
  • M5 Brown sign feasibility study – the first step to securing a brown sign on the motorway encouraging people to visit the seafront and town is a feasibility study and the BID will subsidise this cost
  • Pier 150th Anniversary Next Year – is coming up next year and is something the BID aims to support to encourage more visitors
  • Information points/kiosks – we are investigating the best options around several information points around the town
  • Clevedon Map Brochure – will be one of our first marketing communications pieces once the brand has been created
  • Queens Square – could this be reinvented as an event space?
  • Sunday market – supporting this fast growing monthly event on Hill and Alexandra

Street Enhancement and Connectivity

  • Triangle Centre – working with the landlords to bring in improvements in the short term and develop designs for the long term improvement of Queens Square
  • Notice boards being purchased for Alexandra Park and supporting the setting up of a Friends of Alexandra Park
  • Flower baskets – an early completed project of the BID is working with Clevedon Pride to substantially increase the flower baskets in the Triangle area
  • ‘Gateway’ projects – ie the arrival points into Triangle, ideas sucha s banners on Great Western Road, pergolas (flowers and creepers) on the red canopy on Kenn Road and greening of buildings on the Coop building
  • Empty shop windows (eg Pullins)
  • Place making consultancy services are being explored to help us understand the best way to improve the connectivity between the key retail areas
  • Parking review of pay and display and double yellows lines
  • Working with the Strawberry Line to develop pedestrian and cycling connections to Clevedon



North Somerset Council is conducting a parking review of the town. Clearly access is a key element of a successful shopping area and we believe there are many small but significant changes that could be made to double yellow lines, loading areas etc which will make a significant difference to many businesses. If you have any thoughts on how parking could be improved please contact:

  • John Fox (john.fox1957@googlemail.com) – for Triangle and Queens Square area
  • Sue Cooper (67baristabarber@gmail.com) – for Hill Road (and wider HASIT area)



A local group is seeking to connect Clevedon to the Strawberry Line which will be great for everyone including of course local businesses as one of our key aims is to improve connectivity to the town. Please can you help them by visiting strawberrylinetoclevedon.org  and sign their petition (to influence funding) and if you wish also make a positive comment and of course ‘Like’ on facebook.com/StrawberryLineToClevedon



If you have received this digital newsletter you are already on our mailing database. We expect to circulate a digital newsletter approximately every 2-3 months or as the needs arise if there are particular events that we wish to highlight. Please encourage business neighbours to sign up (this may be done via the website at clevedonbid.com/news).





GEORGE GRACE: 07801790645, george@clevedonbid.com



John Fox (Souk, The Triangle)
Victoria Saunders – (Nineteen, Alexandra Road)
Paul Anslow – Triangle Networks
Bryan Dickinson – Better Mobility
Susannah Shaw – Curzon
Julie Bisacre – Present Company
Sue Cooper – Barista 67
Tom Vaughan – Clevedon Pier
James Worgan – Kustom
Peter Mcarthy – Clevedon Hall
Seamus Green – Midgley Green
David Harris– Spinning Weal
Councillor Chris Blades – NSC
Councillor Jane Geldart – Clevedon Town Council


The BID is grateful to local accountants Mendip Accounting Solutions who provide accounting and banking services to the BID free of charge.