We HAVE consulted businesses extensively over the past two years on the purpose, aims and activities for the Clevedon BID. Consultation has shown a clear bias in favour of marketing and promotion followed by street enhancement and connectivity, to create a more attractive experience for shoppers, visitors, residents and office workers.

Consultation is now completed – however to get involved please see our events page for latest information or and for information regarding our consultation process please click here for our consultation form. The BID priorities are set out in the business plan and based upon the initial ideas generated by consultation:

Marketing and promotion

A digital media suite

Is required for the town’s visitor and shopper offer that encompasses:

Website (working with local organisations and suppliers)

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Possibly other media such as Instragram

Specific ideas for events raised in the stakeholder meetings include:

  • Food and drink
  • Music and culture
  • Vintage and fine dining
  • Craft
  • Golf, castle and wider walks
  • Water based events
  • Film and TV
  • Triangle and Town Centre Area
  • Queens Square
  • Open air cinema
  • Ice rink
  • Markets
  • Clock Tower?
  • Photo exhibition/competition
  • Hill
  • Signage – Pier to Hill (finger posts and electronic)
  • Christmas lights and events
  • Fashion, Christmas, literary, hidden window trails
Creative Economy ‘Hub’

Catalysing creative centres (incubator hubs) is a key recommendation of the creative place making work stream emerging out of the wider Weston-super-Mare town centre placemaking project. Clevedon has similar potential to grow this important sector.

Tourist information point(s)

i.e. attractive well signposted and stocked leaflet racks and accompanying wall maps of the town should be sought in various locations throughout the town (in addition to the existing role in the library).   The new visitor centre opening on the pier this year will clearly be an ideal opportunity for such a facility.

Retail offer

Closer working between businesses to try to understand the collective needs of shoppers and visitors in the centre via direct market research which is beyond the scope of this report will enable the town to avoid pitfalls such as the lack of a single ice cream vendor in recent summers.

street enhancement



• M5 Brown tourist sign

• Way finding finger signs and maps

• Walking trail maps and signage

Car Access

Particularly Hill shopping area and a review of double yellow lines generally should be conducted for the whole town.


Measures to connect the sea front, Hill and town centre offers for visitors should be encouraged

• Princes Hall / Sunhill – a fulcrum connecting Hill/Seafront with The Triangle and town offers tremendous potential as a multi-purpose attraction/facility

• Public Transport – although expensive a dedicated circular bus joining the corners of the town more easily for those not wishing to walk or possibly a horse/cart or extension of the tuk-tuk scheme currently proposed.

• Cycling and cycle hire

Street Activation

Much of Clevedon’s Victorian heritage remains intact and presents an exciting opportunity to create a more thriving, buzzing and unique shopping and leisure experience than can be found in modern malls or on the internet.

Residential densification

i.e. redeveloping and/or retrofitting certain sites and roads that do not fit the Clevedon offer of a heritage town.


Nailsea and in particular Portishead are ahead of the game of Clevedon with street greening projects.

individual areas


• ‘Gateways’ ie creating a sense of arrival

• Redevelop concessions and boat club area

Hill and Alexandra road

• More seating (eg Alexandra Park wall and in the gardens)

• Way-finding signs to the shops

• Reduce double yellows to create parking spaces and slow traffic

• Wider pavements where possible

• More planters and greening

Triangle and Town Centre

• Turn Queens Square in to a true heart for the town with a significant remodel. Longer term ideas are discussed below however in the short term by working with the owners Lasalle the following are suggested

• Remodel the junction of Old Church Street and Great Western Road to reconnect The Curzon strip with the town centre

• Rationalise the traffic movement around the clock tower to create a more pedestrian friendly area

• Consider high profile and highly attractive kiosk or kiosks in the dead space at the rear of the square